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Our History & Our Partners

Leading the way
Since our inception in 2005, we have constantly sought to lead the way in digital advertising. Our 2009 turnover of 9 million USD is testament to our expertise and active presence within the international arena of online media.

Pushing the boundaries
We believe in preparing the future leaders of media technology.
TL Media regularly works with the University of Florence, Italy, to bring students up to date with the complexities and methods of digital advertising. In the competitive global market of today, it is fundamental that we are constantly pushing the boundaries and investing in new ideas and technology that can help us to achieve the very best for our clients. Education is one way in which we can do this.

Our partners
Our proven success to date has much to do with our excellent relationships with some of the leading search engines and ad networks:

google yahoo microsoft adcenter miva aknowledge
ask admarketplace nixxie right media msn
We are constantly developing and expanding these relationships, as well as building new partnerships in order to provide the most competitive and targeted media campaign for our clients.

Our clients are Client directed and Agency directed and include Fortune 500 companies.