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What we do

TL Media develops online media campaigns through a number of digital media solutions. By employing highly targeted leads to specific markets and niches, we are able to offer an online media campaign to bring the client maximum ROI.

TL Media is at the forefront of media technology and we provide an excellent and unique interface with a network of highly specific and researched sites that deliver immediate results and impact for the client.

How we do it

We do this by employing a number of different methods:

• We develop constantly updated inventory lists for each country, category and product, allowing us to offer a personalised and highly specific approach to each customer.
• We have partnerships with the leading search engines yahoogooglemsn
• We have dedicated international, multilingual teams who are experts in their fields of online marketing and content deliverance. In fact TL Media lays great emphasis on choosing the best people, a level of expertise which is then passed on to the customer.
• We have a team of in-house editors who create original text for websites and adverts, and offer translation services.
• By developing web platforms, we allow quick response through our network of partnerships and relationships with leading search engines.
• We analyse competitors to ensure that our clients have the maximum advantages in the market place.
• We boast an extremely high level of marketing expertise which has a proven track record of excellence and targeted deliverance.
• We have a patented targeting system whereby each potential client is targeted through geographical position and social attitude, therefore increasing specificity and researching the potential consumers that matter most
• We dedicate teams to research and development and statistical analysis to bring the very best options to our clients - every day over 60,000 potential clients are monitored and linked to the companies which offer the products and services that they search.
• Our interface allows a quick and dynamic response to capitalise on every opportunity for our clients.
Real-time reporting tool to maximise ROI.
Excellent hosting and ad delivery through our technical support team and system administration.